Encouraging Words

Find things to make you laugh
Having your best friend make you laugh.

Something that makes your smile shine bright.
A thought or feeling or something that makes your heart smile.

Is a wish of faith
Giving yourself a little encouraging
Word of faith in your life

In the things you want in life
All the believing words that you put your mind too.
Believe in yourself using Hope to help believe in miracles.

Today’s words of wisdom

I can do hard things.
I choose to be happy.
I stand for what is right.
I am a joyful child of God.
I believe in me. I am loved.
I am thankful. I am special.
I stay calm. I am a good friend.
I am courageous. I am respectful.
I do my best in my work and tasks.
I love my life. I want to see new adventures.
I am going to work hard, stay strong, and to be helpful.
I have faith in God. I am a good listener and a good friend.
I can do the best I can. I focus on the positive.
I learn from my challenges. I pray for strength.
I do the right thing even when no one is looking.
I am becoming better every day.

Art is my Life

I love Art, I like painting a lot and drawing a lot.

Art is fun when you have art therapy to work with.

Art Therapy helps me sort things out while drawing, planning, and organizing new Art designs.

Art is my biggest fun passion, writing is a different thing on my own.

My skills are my art talents, drawings, and making new things in my Art Career.

Art is a great talent. I enjoy Art.


I just want to know if any of my friends would like me to share a story here..

Everyone has their own stories to share once in awhile, and there are other writers who also blog as well. There are many others who write in their own alone time, I write all the time in my perfect alone time as much as needed. As of next year I am going to start sharing more stories when I have a chance as aside from other things I am currently looking forward to as well. There are many stories I wish I could tell but when I am good and ready. I am taking slow steps in my own way, finding my own path, finding my own way, choosing to find my happiness in life as well. I can start sharing stories as of next year in 2020 that is my plan.

For now I deserve my Freedom and treated in a good way. Thanks, until the next post.

Happy July

Wanna know something about July it is about our Freedom, our Independence, our rights, and we should be celebrating with others or just alone time by ourselves. We all live our own lives the way we like to live them and the best for ourselves. We are all adults here while we choose to be ourselves, deserve to be treated with Respect, and Trust. People can choose their own path to their own dreams and what they want for themselves. Independence is what we all have and should be proud of that feeling, am I right. Then other’s can respect our lives as absolutely private as we like it for now.

That is all I have to say for now. Have a safe and good month. Be back on later soon. Thanks for reading my posts.