Santa Cruz Art Program

In santa cruz ca. I was part of an art community program for people with disabilities. It was a good 2 years, the memories that I had there made it a big memory for me. I have made great friends there, I liked seeing what other friends liked making, or working with their hands. I enjoyed the good times, and the best memories last forever in my heart.

Consumer uses familiar imagery and common language, aspiring to combine them in such a way as to cause viewers to consider or reconsider each element – each can, each label, and their own experience with these words in a new light.

“Consumer” examines the language that we use to describe, categorize, label, and measure people with developmental disabilities, and how a thought process rooted in that language affects people with disabilities and our relationship with them. Consumer provides a rare reflective point of view; offering the artist’s insight as to how she and her peers believe they are perceived by others.
The Installation is all about being a Consumer and Labeled. Why I ask? I just want to show that people with special needs have feelings, and that this is how I feel like, I can show the world through my installation.

This mural is located at Mainstream, Santa Cruz, California. I got to help with all the drawings beforehand and before it became big to go on the wall.
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Under Installations you can find my piece on their website and tell you more there, and about other artists and their artwrork.
Installation News
2017 News
This year my same installation is going to be hung at the California State Museum starting June 15- September 17, 2017
In Sacramento, California.

Old news: my installation was in Cork, Ireland for an art show. September 16, October 29th 2016
I am excited that I am getting my noticed for my artwork.