Watercolor paintings

Watercolor Paintings …

Brightly Turtle shell painting

This is my turtle shell painting that I did in the Fall semester of 2017 in my watercolor class and enjoyed making this painting. I enjoyed working with making it bright and working with styles to making it my style. 

 Spring 2018

 These are some of my watercolor paintings that I did myself from class. My best one is the Horse Eye painting that my teacher commented on it.

Also my Turtle shell painting was really neatly colorful it took me time to make it with bright colors. The one thing about it was making the water drops on the top. 

 The Football picture was just an idea that I did for fun while made a print of it and gave it to someone for a present. 

 The last picture I did was an idea of a collage of somethings that I liked the best. So I did a laptop, pencil pouch with a pen sticking out, notebook with a pouch on top in the right hand corner.