Art Work

These are two of my favorite art paintings…

           Pop Art


 “Love, Laugh, and Love.”

  “Enjoy your life, and live it well.”

Beautiful Sunset

     This is me

I call this painting “This is me”

because, I have a disability and I don’t let anything get in my way and it does not bother me. I am a very sweet person to know about, I am very smart and high functioning. I am me and I love myself. 


The Story Behind Me

This is a two piece painting that did myself, shows where I am from, I moved a few times in my life, and Home is where the heart wants to be. 


You are Beautiful 

 This is about being beautiful as we are in our natural way. Just being who we are is something that describes us as we are beautiful and talented in the inside. I am beautiful in my own way. We are all beautiful and wonderful in the inside of us and out.