My Artwork

My Self portrait 

Last year I was taking a class at the college and learning about Mix Media Figure Studies. One of the things I learned in class was using the different shades of using one color only.

 (Fall 2015)

Dreams of Dreams

I guess I was thinking of rainbows, dreaming of dreams, in a way I was thinking of putting it all together somehow. I like this look and could make more of these smaller paintings as a series later on. As an artist, we have lots of dreams.

My Ipod

This is when I had my first Ipod back in my years when I first started using it. I like listening to music and social media. 

Live, Life and Dream

The story behind this is this:

We all want to live life and follow our own dreams. Some of my dreams are actually coming true. To Live life as each day is busy for all of us, we stay busy with either a job, or some kind of work, or trying to finish college like me. I can wait awhile until I finally graduate college. 


UnlockMy Heart

I am not sure how to unlock my heart, my heart is full of love. God loves me in a way that he will help me find love in the right way. There will be a way when I do find love in the right way by listening to music and singing in the choir at church. My heart is mine and not sure how to find love. Love is a big word full of passion, I have to Love myself inside and out of me. Love is rare and pure, unlocking my heart will be someday soon enough. Am I ready for it?



Dreams are about everything that we think of in our minds and moods. There is a lot of dreams that we have inside our selves throughout our daily lives.