Happy July

Wanna know something about July it is about our Freedom, our Independence, our rights, and we should be celebrating with others or just alone time by ourselves. We all live our own lives the way we like to live them and the best for ourselves. We are all adults here while we choose to be ourselves, deserve to be treated with Respect, and Trust. People can choose their own path to their own dreams and what they want for themselves. Independence is what we all have and should be proud of that feeling, am I right. Then other’s can respect our lives as absolutely private as we like it for now.

That is all I have to say for now. Have a safe and good month. Be back on later soon. Thanks for reading my posts.

Oceans and Whales..

What animals do I love the best in the ocean right now is the whales, I have a big love for the orca whales the most. I would love just to touch one at least that would be a nice dream If I was able to touch a whale or an orca whale. They are the most biggest creatures in our ocean’s and they live their lives as well. I just love whales to me I care for the whales, I have been on a whale watching trip before and yes whales are the most fun sightseeing thing to do along our coast. I have seen a few whales before while I recommended it to anyone else who have not seen the whales, it is a most thing to do. Our oceans must stay clean while keeping our oceans clean as well.

My opinion about Housing

Here is what is not fair, not enough low income housing for the disabled independent adults in this community.  Wish someone would do something about this. Housing is a big issue in the north county of San Diego area.  There needs to be more low income housing with a better options for us disabled adults, because there is not enough room for us to have our independence and to have a living of our own.

I like my independence, my opinion, my thoughts, my freedom, and it is my Life.

Doesn’t anyone agree with me??