Special drawing

10 years ago I had drew this photo about someone special to me. He was the greatest guy ever to me. I had written a poem about him and just knowing him was the greatest person to learn from. I just want to honor his memory on this day. He was one of a kind, a sweet guy, he did a lot in his time.

Art is Life

My art is life, as the front cover of my website is so cool.

I like what I like to as well as painting. It’s the passion for colors around me.

Making art is one of my specialties while I like to enjoy creating my next masterpiece.

I am currently working on two new coolest paintings

I enjoy the time while even making my art in my own time.

I enjoy the beach while spending time with my friends/family.

Life is important to you. Enjoy your own way !!!

Art World and Life.

If there is one thing you know about me is that I love putting a paint brush in my hands and making a cool painting.

Currently love to paint, I have a strong vivid color for paints and visionary pieces for her art work.

Painting is one of her strongest passions these days, I also love thinking about her Art Career and making it in the real world about her paintings. Art is more important to her. Her job is making and creating art maybe someone could reach out to her and point her in the right choice to making her real life in the Art world. Painting is my life and my choice.