About Me

Hi, Let me introduce myself to you. I am Someone Special and I go by Gabby, I have a disability that is Down Syndrome. I also have sleep apnea as well. I am a special needs adult artist.
It is about putting Pep in your step with your feet on the ground. One Step at a time, One Goal at a time, One dream at a time and One year at a time.
I am currently been attending college at Mira Costa in Oceanside, California.
One of my biggest passion in my life is my art and writing. Writing different stories about each one of my paintings.
I try my best to stay creative while making art in my spare time aside from everything else in my life. I need to feel better about myself by expressing myself into everything that I am going through in general. I have many talents that I like to do in my life mostly. I take things slow so I can relax as I am just a normal person just like everyone else.
One of the Best exciting is my Art and Advocacy Installation while that is going to be going places starting next year.


I want art and advocacy to be heard in every way. I am just an special needs artist with a good heart.