The Greatest Poem

This week I have been honoring, admiring the most important guy in her life.

I had written a great poem about him years ago,..

The Greatest Grandfather

Love is a story,
a fairy tale,
To be told,
Love is the key,
and the answer
with sorrow and pain.
It hurts so much inside,
I’m loosing tears in a path,
Of a loved one
I’d lost this year.

This is the first thanksgiving
And Christmas to realize
How much I’ll miss him,
He was the greatest,
He was the bravest,
He was the best person
That’ll I’ll love, and miss him Dearly.

Every day I’d think about him,
I know he’s looking down on me,
From high above.
I just know, because he’s always there,
He’s only a minute away.

I love him always and I always will !!!

I had written this poem about 10 years ago.

Special drawing

10 years ago I had drew this photo about someone special to me. He was the greatest guy ever to me. I had written a poem about him and just knowing him was the greatest person to learn from. I just want to honor his memory on this day. He was one of a kind, a sweet guy, he did a lot in his time.

My opinion about Housing

Here is what is not fair, not enough low income housing for the disabled independent adults in this community.  Wish someone would do something about this. Housing is a big issue in the north county of San Diego area.  There needs to be more low income housing with a better options for us disabled adults, because there is not enough room for us to have our independence and to have a living of our own.

I like my independence, my opinion, my thoughts, my freedom, and it is my Life.

Doesn’t anyone agree with me??

Art is Life

My art is life, as the front cover of my website is so cool.

I like what I like to as well as painting. It’s the passion for colors around me.

Making art is one of my specialties while I like to enjoy creating my next masterpiece.

I am currently working on two new coolest paintings

I enjoy the time while even making my art in my own time.

I enjoy the beach while spending time with my friends/family.

Life is important to you. Enjoy your own way !!!