10 Year Difference

This was me in 2009 (picture on the the left) and this is me now in 2019 #10yearchallenge and how much I changed a bit since then. 10 years ago I was standing in front of a special place that is close to and next to a limo. I can’t wait to share my news about where I was standing next to and why I was next to a Limo. Today I am all about Art&Advocacy standing next to my Installation and while wearing my shirt. Yes I am going to start selling shirts through my website and in Etsy very soon.

Art show Meet and Greet

This was the second time attending a Meet and Greet in Elk Grove. Here is one of the pictures from the weekend. It was cool to see some of the friendly faces that I met this weekend and a Big Thank You to my family to come and surprise me as well.
I really am excited about seeing my Art & Advocacy Installation going places in the next few years. This was Dec. 18th 2018

Meet Interesting people

I’ve meet a few celebrities before in my lifetime years ago.
I have meet Yolanda King,(the daughter of Martin Luther King Jr. II) at a book signing once before in Seaside church in Solana Beach, California. 
There was (Jamie Lee Curtis) #jamieleecurtis at a Concert event when she came in to the bookstore where we were helping out. She is a very cool lady of course. 
 Also was Rita Coolridge the time when I used to work at Albertsons many years ago and I bagged her groceries once.
Then there was Al Burke know as “Mr. Outrageous” that was at Special Olympics in 2008 in Long Beach. I still have his autograph in my scrapbook as well.
Last I remember meeting #KTLAGayle at Special Olympic’s in 2015.